“I learned very quickly that Real Estate is about people – helping those who want to sell to attract those who want to buy, and facilitate a deal where everyone wins.”

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Meet Craig Heppell; 19 year real estate professional, auctioneer, and property sales veteran. 

You may have only just heard the name, but it might pay you to get to know the person if you are thinking about selling your home in Ulverstone, Penguin and the wider Central Coast.

Craig’s unparalleled understanding of the property sales process, and the psychology that drives it, has enabled Craig to create and implement a system that's assisted home owners to sell around $1.3Billion worth of property over the last two decades.

“My approach has always been, above all, to understand the expectations and needs of my clients, then deliver carefully measured and straightforward communication and guidance - resulting in a successful sale.”

“The advantage for my clients is that I know exactly what property buyers want, as well as how they think and behave during every stage of the 'search to purchase' journey – so, there are no surprises or ‘iffy’ outcomes for my clients.”

Living in West Ulverstone, Craig is also an active local community contributor - a proud member of the Rotary Club of Ulverstone, and Committee Member on the Central Coast Chamber of Commerce.

As a proud Ulverstone local agent, Craig offers an effective and refreshing blend of personal service with innovative, attraction marketing to highlight the benefits of your home - to reach and engage genuine buyers.

If you are thinking of selling your home and would like to experience the energy and expertise that Craig brings to the table, give him a call, or click here to contact him via a quick online form.

Be sure to get a FREE copy of Craig’s timely and helpful guide; THE HOME SELLERS' HANDBOOK - it's a great place to start your plan if you want to sell your home!
Also, as a highly ethical property professional, Craig carries out all business with transperancy and full disclosure - adhering to the Code of Conduct as set down under the Property Agents and Land Transactions Act 2016 (Tas)